Drinks with Rad Historical Women: Edith Sitwell

Who Was She? Born in England in 1887, Dame Edith Sitwell was the eldest of the three Sitwell siblings, followed by her brothers, Osbert and Sacheverell. All three of the Sitwells were artistic in their own way and interested in the avant-garde arts and literature scenes of Europe, but Edith herself was an accomplished poet. … More Drinks with Rad Historical Women: Edith Sitwell

In Her {Book} Bag

It’s my first day back to class for another year of college so I thought I’d share what’s heading into my book bag (most of which probably won’t emerge until next May…) My slightly beat-up but very well-loved messenger bag emblazoned with “Come Along, Pond” and the TARDIS. It came from a wonderful Etsy shop … More In Her {Book} Bag