Beat the Winter Blues (with a Little January Jazz!)

After the strains of holiday music have faded, I always have a hard time turning the dial back to my usual indie rockers. January requires something more unconventional to make the transition from the happy holidays to the going-back-to-school and the life-resuming-as-usual. Something like… contemporary jazz. Don’t worry! It’s not as pretentious at it sounds.

Throwback Thursday: Alberto Vargas’ Pin-Up Girls

We’re throwing back to the 1940s, 50s and 60s today for a little summery fun with artist Alberto Vargas. Vargas was born February 9, 1896 in Peru and went on to be one of the most famous and sought-after pin-up artists of the mid-century. His work appeared most frequently in Esquire magazine during WWII and … More Throwback Thursday: Alberto Vargas’ Pin-Up Girls