Gift Guide for Revelers (and Lovers of “The Great Gatsby”)

The Great Gatsby made quite a splash last year with Baz Luhrmann’s flashy, elaborate film version, but the mania for the book and movie doesn’t seem to be fading. Etsy is packed to the gills with art deco and Gatsby-inspired everything, including these gorgeous black and gold finds. You’re sure to find the perfect gift … More Gift Guide for Revelers (and Lovers of “The Great Gatsby”)

An Ode to the 1920s

The twentieth century bore incredible changes in literature, art, fashion, politics and technology and it did it all with distinctive style. The 1920s brought with it some of the first major departures from the past on a vast, overarching scale. The Cubists and the Fauves had tried to break away from tradition in the early … More An Ode to the 1920s