Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Wishes I’d Like the Book Genie to Grant!

Top Ten Tuesday | Strawberry Moon BlogI think I’ve got a lot of wishes stored up right now, so I decided to give myself a theme. Our lovely hosts at The Broke and the Bookish suggested listing some #librarygoals so I’m just going to make my list a detailed description of my perfect library. Get on that, would you, book genie?

  1. Floor to ceiling mahogany built-ins
  2. One of those sliding brass library ladders
  3. A chaise lounge (because it’s like a chair and a sofa had a baby and it’s the very best piece of furniture there is) with super soft velvety upholstery
  4. Some antique 1920s lighting: brass lamps, milk glass shades, the works
  5. Piles of cozy blankets, plush carpet and any other soft surfaces the book genie cares to throw in there
  6. A built-in tea station with an electric kettle, all of which can be reached without getting up from the chaise
  7. A big window with floaty curtains and a window seat
  8. Some kind of organizational system I’m not just too lazy to stick to
  9. Art mixed in on the shelves with the books
  10. All my favorite books in my favorite editions (i.e. probably the prettiest covers because I like art with my books, okay?!)

This whole list is super absurd because I currently don’t even have an apartment, let alone a room just for books. But someday! Book genie willing. 😉 What are your bookish wishes?

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Wishes I’d Like the Book Genie to Grant!

  1. Haha I feel a bit super greedy now since most of these went into my one wish for a super awesome library with all the bells and whistles for book nerds lol. I love your idea of the chaise though…so so true. My Top Ten.

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