NEW on Etsy: A Fresh Crop of Vintage Books

I missed out on Top Ten Tuesday this week because I was busy hitting the BOOK SALES! My fave season, guys, next to autumn itself. I came home with a few dozen books, including this gorgeous 1940s Pickwick Papers, and I’ll be rolling them out to Strawberry Moon over the next couple of weeks.

NEW on Etsy: A Fresh Crop of Vintage Books | Strawberry Moon BooksThe Valley Fire has devastated more families and homes than almost any other wildfire in California history. Knowing it claimed not only my home and belongings but all the books in my shop and my personal collection, is positively overwhelming. I’ve been so sad to see the Strawberry Moon shop entirely empty for the past month so restocking is a nice change.

What’s disconcerting though, is that in addition to the shop’s stock, I also lost all my supplies in the fire, leaving me without my watercolor backdrop for photographing listings. I’ll be experimenting a bit with new/old props in the listing photos: currently I have an iron key and a green glass bottle to liven up the plain white background I’m now photographing against. I’d love any feedback as I try to rebuild my brand.

Come by the shop as I slowly add new books to the stock and tell me what you think (or even pick up a special find!)

3 thoughts on “NEW on Etsy: A Fresh Crop of Vintage Books

    1. Yes I am! I’ve actually had the shop a bit longer than the blog. It’s rather barren right now due to the tedious process of researching/photographing/editing/writing description/posting/sharing for each individual book. So it will take me a while to get restocked but I’m getting there! I was going to say there’s a link in the top menu bar that just says “Shop” but then I realized most people probably come from Bloglovin or email or wherever and never see the site menu! So, the link is Thanks for reminding me to put it directly in the post!

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