Drinks with Rad Historical Women: Edith Sitwell

Drinks with Rad Historical Women | Strawberry Moon BooksWho Was She?

Born in England in 1887, Dame Edith Sitwell was the eldest of the three Sitwell siblings, followed by her brothers, Osbert and Sacheverell. All three of the Sitwells were artistic in their own way and interested in the avant-garde arts and literature scenes of Europe, but Edith herself was an accomplished poet. Dedicated to exploring the links between poetry and music, she often set her works to musical accompaniment. Edith was deeply invested in cutting edge poetry and published 20 collections of poetry between 1918 and 1962, as well as more than 10 books on other subjects.

Edith SitwellGirl’s Night Out

Edith was well known for her eccentric costumes, turbans and over-the-top jewelry, all of which I’ve combined into a gaudy but modern outfit perfect for a night out (perhaps at a literary bar hosting a poetry slam!) A black-on-black A-line dress is simple but sophisticated, an excellent backdrop for more lavish accessories. A large smoky quartz cocktail ring and orange velvet turban are modern updates on some of Edith’s best-known fashion choices while orange T-strap heels are a nod to the Sitwells’ 1920s London gallivanting.

Edith and her brothers frequented the elegant Savoy Hotel and it’s impeccable American bar, so surely you’d be sipping a cocktail from her London heyday. This classic Savoy recipe calls for gin, vermouth, Dubonnet and an orange twist. Sophisticated, non?

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