Beat the Winter Blues (with a Little January Jazz!)

After the strains of holiday music have faded, I always have a hard time turning the dial back to my usual indie rockers. January requires something more unconventional to make the transition from the happy holidays to the going-back-to-school and the life-resuming-as-usual. Something like… contemporary jazz.

Don’t worry! It’s not as pretentious at it sounds.Beat the Winter Blues (with a Little January Jazz!) | Strawberry Moon Blog

My latest jazzy obsession? Caro Emerald, Dutch nightclub singer with a sound that appeals to 1955 and 2015. She’s catchy, she’s stylish and she’s terribly witty. Miss Emerald is sure to brighten your gray January days just as she has mine. I’ve saved you the trouble of tracking down my slightly obscure obsession. Binge on her Youtube channel for pure Caro or mix it up with vintage and other contemporary jazz singers on Pandora.

How’s your new year going, readers? And what obscure and classic jams have been playing on your Pandora stations?

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