24 Literary Character Halloween Costume Ideas

24 Literary Character Halloween Costume Ideas | Strawberry Moon BlogWelcome to my epic roundup of literary character Halloween costumes! Everyone from Alice to Valjean to Tom Sawyer, these are some intriguing, original inspirations. What literary character do you plan to be this Halloween? (And please share if you tackle any of these costumes – I want to see pictures!)

4 thoughts on “24 Literary Character Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Hi! I am not planning to dress up this year, but two years ago I dressed up as Wednesday Addams. šŸ™‚ I really like Alice in Wonderland, but I have dark hair. I guess I could be a creepy variation of the character. I’ve also thought about being Julia from 1984. A few years ago I dressed up as the White Witch from Narnia, and I wouldn’t mind doing that again some day. Thanks for the list!

    1. Oh the White Witch sounds like such a fun Halloween costume! I’m a huge sucker for Narnia. And I think you could totally pull off a dark-haired Alice in Wonderland – sounds like an easy switch! Or even the Queen of Hearts or another character from the story. Like the Cheshire Cat!

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