Drinks with Rad Historical Women: Agatha Christie

Drinks with Women of Worth | Strawberry Moon Blog
Who Was She?

Agatha Christie was born on this day, September 15, in 1890. Her first literary success was in 1920 when she published a novel featuring Poirot, the detective character that would stay with her for decades. Known to mystery lovers as the Queen of Crime, Agatha published 91 books, 80 of which were detective stories.

Though her life was not without its scandals, thanks to a very public image, Agatha was more dedicated to her work than to her social obligations. After the dissolution of her first marriage, she married Max Mallowan, an archaeologist, and they remained married for 46 years, until her death in 1976.

The two traveled extensively together in the Middle East, which helped to inspire some of her most famous works, including Murder on the Orient Express.

 Agatha Christie - Girl's Night Out

Girl’s Night Out

The perfect outfit for a work night evening out with Agatha: polished, cheerful and clever.

A dusty blue silk blouse, layered under a vibrant yellow blazer makes for a striking, modest combination, both professional and individualized. The simple yellow tweed skirt complements without challenging the bright tops.

To finish it off, a pair of twenties-inspired laced blue heels and a bright yellow modern update on Agatha’s customary pearls.

And what are you drinking tonight? Agatha was something of a teetotaler herself but the Forever Young Adult blog dreamed up this cozy Rum Cocoa cocktail, inspired by The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Agatha’s first novel.

Happy 124th Birthday, Agatha!

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