Friday Faves: Grown-Up “School” Supplies

It’s that time of year again: back-to-school! But even if your Lisa Frank-collecting, eraser-chewing, diorama-making elementary days are long behind you, sometimes an office refresh is just what you need as fall begins to set in and the holidays fast approach. (Yes, it’s August. No, the holidays are not a long way off, whatever we may delude ourselves into thinking.) If you’re craving some new material in the office to get your creative juices flowing again, here are a few grown-up “school supplies” to get you going.

Friday Faves: Grown-Up School Supplies | Strawberry Moon BlogTop Left: Favorite Things Pencils White & Gold, Amanda Catherine Designs
Top Right: Black Lace Doily Notepad, An April Idea
Bottom Left: Grain Sack Pencil Case, Lindock
Bottom Right: Transit Token Paper Clips, Starling Ink

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