6 Totally Rad Book Bags

Yesterday was the first day of my (super-)senior year of college. Nine short months from now I’ll wear a silly hat on a sunny day and officially hold a Bachelor’s of Art History degree! In celebration of my final year of studentdom, I’m rounding up some totally rad book bags to help you garner some school spirit. (I can’t, however, tell you why I felt the need to make with the ’80s prom queen-speak. Let’s blame it on John Hughes and the forever association of back-to-school with 1980s classics.)

6 Totally Rad Book Bags | Strawberry Moon BlogTop Row:

Recycled Coffee Burlap Bag Messenger Bag, Pompom Purses
Napoleon Canvas Messenger Bag, Skip ‘N Whistle
Sherlock Holmes Shoulder Bag, Feerie Doll

Bottom Row:

Small Linen Messenger Bag with Leather Cat Applique, rutadesign
San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk Monet Messenger Bag, Insomniac Arts
Recycled Suit Coat Men’s Upcycled Bag, Sew Much Style

Keep an eye out for some more awesome school supplies (with a little bit more of a sophisticated edge) on Friday!

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