Highlights from Renegade Craft, San Francisco

This past weekend I headed down to San Francisco for the bi-annual Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason. It’s always a great event and I’m so glad I went – lots of exciting makers (and some seriously delicious shawarma!)

A few of my favorite finds:

Vitamini – A ridiculously adorable paper goods (and more) company based in California that really appeals to the MINI-driver in me! Cute thank you, birthday and all occasion cards with Mini Coopers on them and other mid-century designs like cacti, martini glasses and Airstreams. I’m definitely going to have to pick a few of these up!

di Palermo Body – A New York-based bath and body company specializing in absolutely gorgeous olive oil soaps. I was totally sold with sweet names like ‘Lace’ for lavender & sage, ‘Unfancy’ for unscented oatmeal and ‘Wink’ for pink grapefruit, bergamot & cocoa butter.

Julie Nolan Jewelry – I’m always a sucker for constellation art and these beautiful, modern pieces of jewelry from Massachusetts definitely fit the bill. With simple zodiac constellation patterns drilled into rings, bracelets and pendants, there’s something for everyone.

It was another great fair and I can’t wait for the winter edition, November 8 & 9 at Fort Mason!

2 thoughts on “Highlights from Renegade Craft, San Francisco

  1. Ooooo! I’m going to the Los Angeles one this weekend. It’s my first time! I wonder if those same vendors will be there too? How did you resist from buying everything??

    1. I’ve been several times and it’s always so much fun! I remember reading that a few of the same vendors will be there but I don’t know about these in particular. It’s so hard to resist everything haha – I always find so many things I want and great makers to support! 🙂

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