How to Compose a Cheese Tray (For those Lazy Summer Days)

This is not a food blog but I am something of a foodie and I love to cook. But when it’s 106 degrees outside, like it has been the last few days, even the foodiest gourmet doesn’t really want to turn on the stove, the oven, or even the microwave. So this past weekend, I instead set out a cheese table for dinner, rather than cooking a full meal.

How can a cheese table be an entire meal, you ask? Easy – with all these elements, you practically have the entire food pyramid covered!How to Compose a Cheese Tray | Strawberry Moon Blog

Start with three types of cheese for a nice variety of textures and flavors: a hard (such as parmesan), a creamy (such as brie) and a blue.

Then add some sliced baguette and a selection of crackers. Try to choose different textures, like Triscuits and Wheat-thins, plus a few flavored, such as pepper or herb.

An assortment of nuts and fruits, like grapes and mandarin oranges, offer lots of contrast and an endless variety of combinations.

Lastly, fill a few jars with “condiments”: jam, (my preference is apricot preserves), and honey.

If this spread is for a party, or even just a lazy Sunday evening, top it off with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. They’ll brighten any table! The best part? This kind of meal is not only filling and easy to set up but the perfect potluck option!

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